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Holyrood Pavilion


Holyrood Pavilion
8 Holyrood St, West Leederville, WA
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Feb 03 2018 - Apr 07 2018


09:00 AM - 10:00 AM



Creative Workshops – Full Term 1 Enrolment

Creative workshops for children

Come and join us to foster and develop creativity, curiosity, and imagination in your child with our Creative Sessions for Kids in Perth!  We have lots of different workshops for you to explore, discover and make things.

One term of enrolment consists of two creative sessions per theme. That makes 10 sessions per term.

Our creative sessions are about expression, exploration, and discovery. We use renowned painters, award-winning books, antique cultures, other countries traditions or specials materials to provoke children and invite curiosity. Our goal, however, is not for every child to bring home a work based on a similar template. This creative session is about the individual exploration, not about the final product.

We prepare an adequate space with plenty of selected and quality resources that stimulate children creativity. Our learning stations are carefully prepared, and each element is included on purpose to facilitate exploration and discovery. Children will manipulate a different range of paints, tools and other materials to create their own masterpieces. They can work with sensorial materials, such as our light table or natural boxes, or access other areas which are all embedded within our theme for the session. 

We will start with a short introduction to our session, our spaces, and materials. Then children can explore the materials, learning by doing, moving throughout the room, and interacting with one another. Our role as a facilitator of learning should serve as guide to the children, listen and pose questions, and encourage participation.



In every session children may participate in a collaborative artwork. It fosters the sense of a community and teaches children about team working.

At the end of the year with all our collaborative projects, The Blue Box organizes an exhibition. The name of the children will be linked to the masterpiece and they will receive a certificate of collaboration in its creation.


We are creating new groups. If this session day doesn’t fit well into your schedule, contact our team and let us know. We could be preparing a better group for you.


– Access to THE BLUE BOX environment for up 45 minutes

– All equipment and materials

– An environment developed by early childhood education experts

– Facilitator intervention to encourage children to join the activities

–  FREE parking voucher (booking in advance – at least one week).

– You also have coffee and tea available.

Please note that a minimum of 4 children is required to run this program. If the program needs to be canceled, a full refund will be given.



There are discounts available for siblingsBLUE LAB families and term program enrolments. If this is your case, please contact us to get a discount coupon.