What do we do?
Creative Sessions for Kids in Perth!
We prepare a series of weekly sessions to foster and develop creativity, curiosity and imagination in your child.
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Creative Areas
Room of Colors
Engaging children through art unlocks creativity, that allows them to express and trust themselves. It builds a spirit of inquiry and exploration.
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Creative Areas
Our little explorers have access to an awesome ancient culture or current country in each session.
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Creative Areas
The scientific training feeds children’s curiosity and provides them with a series of concepts, life skills and future career options that will be of great value.
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Creative Areas
Recycled and natural materials represent an abundant and sustainable resource for young children’s creative self-expression.
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Creative Areas
Babel Tower
Babel Tower is about communication and the infinite ways that children can express, explore, and connect their thoughts, feelings and imaginations.
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Our space

8 Holyrood St, West Leederville, WA.

The Holyrood Pavilion is a very comfortable and inviting function space situated on Holyrood Park, at the corner of Cambridge Street in West Leederville.

The pavilion opens to a generous pergola area with barbecue and big misting fans to provide a refreshing breeze during the warm days. Its park location with playground makes it the perfect venue for family or local community gatherings.

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We are preparing packs with a few creative experiences for you and your child, or to be used as an awesome gift. It will be ready sooner than you think.
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